SL No Organization Name Address Remarks
01 M.A Rashid Hospital Jamalpur MOU
02 Hazrat Shahjamal (R.) General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
03 Jamalpur Central Hospital Jamalpur MOU
04 Niramoy Diagnostic & Hospital Jamalpur MOU
05 Zia Health Complex Jamalpur MOU
06 Bulbul General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
07 Uposhom General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
08 Apollo General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
09 The New Boshundora Hospital Jamalpur MOU
10 United General Hopital Jamalpur MOU
11 Al Reza General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
12 Boropit Abdul Kader Zilani General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
13 Lab Aid General Hospital Sherpur MOU
14 Seba General Hospital Sherpur MOU
15 Zaman Diagnostic & Hospital Sherpur MOU
16 Zinum General Hospital Sherpur MOU
17 Lutfor Diagnostic & Hospital Sherpur MOU
18 Apollo General Hospital Sherpur MOU
19 Pranto Diagnostic Center Mymensingh MOU
20 Siam Diagnostic Center Mymensingh MOU
21 Dubai Hospital Digpait, Jamalpur MOU
22 Sarishabari Diagnostic Center Sarishabari, Jamalpur MOU
23 Central Hospital Dhanbari,Tangail MOU
24 Lab Aid General Hospital Dhanbari,Tangail MOU
25 Talukdar Diagnostic Center Nandina, Jamalpur MOU
26 Evergreen General Hospital Shekhervita, Jamalpur MOU
27 Total Care General Hospital Mirza Azam Chottor, Jamalpur MOU
28 Janata Eye Care Hospital Mirza Azam Chottor, Jamalpur MOU
29 Jamalpur Eye Care Hospital Jamalpur MOU
30 Jamalpur Diabetic Hospital Jamalpur MOU
31 Porichorja Clinic Jamalpur MOU
32 Prime Medical Pachrasta, Jamalpur MOU
33 Moon Nursing Home Pachrasta, Jamalpur MOU
34 Maa Nursing Home Pachrasta, Jamalpur MOU
35 The Renaissance General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
36 Doctor's General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
37 The South View General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
38 Janata General Hospital Jamalpur MOU
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B.Sc in Nursing (Basic)

04 years duration- B.Sc in Nursing (Basic) Course. . Jashim Uddin Nursing College affiliated to Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council and Dhaka University. The changing concept of health care system has opened new doors in medical education. Currently, the BSc in Nursing (Basic) Education degree is one of the most important branches of medical education.

Admission Eligibility

04 years duration – B.Sc in Nursing (Basic) – Must be admitted within two years of passing HSC from science department.

02 years duration – B.Sc in Nursing (Post Basic) – Diploma passed from BNMC.

Admission by Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council

Students who get minimum 40 marks in the exam can get admission.


Nurses play an important role in healthcare. Candidates with PBBSC degree can get good jobs in government and private hospitals, nurse homes, clinics, rehabilitation centers, community health centers, NGOs etc. There are also job openings for second class nurse posts.

All labs required to study nursing

• Anatomy Lab • Physiology Lab • Community Medicine Lab • Computer Lab • Pathology & Microbiology Lab • Midwifery Lab • Surgical Lab • Nutrition Lab