Our Facilities

Unique Attributes:

We Have HOSTEL System

To ensure the safety and comfort of our students, we offer separate residential hostels for boys and girls. Our hostels maintain strict entry records and surveillance through CCTV cameras. Students residing in the hostels have access to library and lab facilities. Cleanliness and security are paramount in our hostel management. Jashim Uddin Nursing College is committed to providing top-notch education, practical training, and comprehensive support services to our students, ensuring their success and contribution to the healthcare sector.For Any Information Related to Hostel Contact: 01936005881, 01729404053


Library Is an Essential Part of Any Educational Institution. Considering The Convenience of the Students, The College of Jashim Uddin Nursing College Has Established a Library in Each Campus with Subject-Based and Reference Books. The Number of Domestic and Foreign Books in The Library Is More Than 05 (Five) Thousand. College of Jashim Uddin Nursing College Is Always Trying to Increase This number by adding new books.

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